Election cycles are always interesting. They capture the attention of voters and news media alike. There is no shortage of palm cards, bumper stickers, fundraising requests and headlines to read. The email blasts are numerous; the criticisms of incumbents even more so.

What the election cycle of 2018 lacks is official candidates.

Of the dozen or so candidates holding events, asking for donations, handing out palm cards and blasting those emails, only two candidates have actually filed to run for political office; the remaining individuals are only talking about running and asking for your money.

How can this be, you ask? One does not have to file candidacy paperwork to establish a campaign finance committee. They can “campaign” for months, raking in money from supporters and spending it just as fast to promote their message to the people.

Several news media companies have decided to give these “candidates” press coverage on numerous occasions, even referring to them as “entering the race” for Governor. Calvert Live, however, refuses to acknowledge any individual as a candidate for political office until which time the individual officially files their candidacy with the State Board of Elections. It is our policy and a policy we will not alter.

As of the publishing of this article, there are only two candidates officially running for the office of Maryland Governor. Ralph Jaffe, a Democrat who seeks this office every four years, and Shawn Quinn, a Libertarian who is making his second quest for the office. Both individuals made the trip to Annapolis and filed official candidacy paperwork with the State Board of Elections. As soon as the numerous other Democrat candidates make up their mind, we will update our readers with that information.


You can learn more about Jaffe by visiting www.fedupwithcrookedpolitics.com and Quinn by visiting www.citizens4quinn.com.

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