Kasem Cares Visitation Bill; Or More Government Intrusion?

House Bill 1165, sponsored by Delegate Sid Saab (R, Dist. 33, Anne Arundel County), makes a guardian of a disabled person inform the person’s family if the person has been hospitalized for three or more days or has died. It also requires the guardian to notify family [...]

Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones Bill Has 1pm Hearing

Delegate Deb Rey is urging supporters of our 2nd Amendment to show up in Annapolis Tuesday, January 31, to testify against HB159. “Tell Annapolis they can’t have your guns!,” Rey said in an email. And if they try to take them you will replace them in [...]

Presidential Candidate Tax Transparency Act Has Hearing Feb 9

President Donald Trump has become the focus of the world and has even found himself on the radar of Maryland’s general assembly. Fifty-eight legislators in Annapolis, between two bills, have taken a shot at the newly elected President by tackling the issue of his [...]

National Day of the Cowboy Proposed by Senate Joint Resolution

State Senator George Edwards has introduced a Senate Joint Resolution (SJ1) encouraging the Congress of the United States of America to designate the fourth Saturday in July of each year as the National Day of the Cowboy and encouraging the people of the United States of [...]

Bill Limiting The Number of Bills Introduced Is Dead

Delegate William Folden (R, D-3B Frederick County) introduced a bill during the 2016 Legislative Session in Annapolis that addressed the large number of bills that are introduced every year. HB 1370 would have limited the number of bills that could be introduced by each [...]
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