Elementary Math Challenge Winners Announced

Barstow 5th grade math team.

Elementary school students demonstrated their mathematical prowess at the 19th Annual Elementary Mathematics Challenge held at Calvert Middle School on April 9, 2016. The event, co-sponsored by Calvert County Public Schools and the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO), promotes early mathematics and problem solving.

Supervisor of Elementary Mathematics Jennifer Young said, “A true understanding of mathematical concepts is essential for students as they progress through higher levels of math. The Elementary Math Challenge is a fun and collaborative opportunity for our students to develop their skills.”

The twenty-two teams were comprised of 191 fourth and fifth graders from eleven elementary schools in the district.

The winners are:

Grade 4 Team Winners

1st Place – Sunderland Elementary School

2nd Place – Mt. Harmony Elementary School

3rd Place– Calvert Elementary School

4th Place – Windy Hill Elementary School

5th Place – Huntingtown Elementary School

Grade 5 Team Winners

1st Place – Barstow Elementary School

2nd Place – Sunderland Elementary School

3rd Place – Mt. Harmony Elementary School

4th Place – Mutual Elementary School

5th Place – Windy Hill Elementary School

Grade 4 Individual Winners

1st Place – Reese Staudinger (Sunderland Elementary School)

2nd Place – Isaiah Roux (Sunderland Elementary School)

3rd Place – Tony Colosi (Mt. Harmony Elementary School)

Grade 5 Individual Winners

1st Place – Brook VanEsselstyn (Mutual Elementary School)

2nd Place – Riley Sydnor (Sunderland Elementary School)

3rd Place – Antonio Struhar (Barstow Elementary School)