Editorial: Prayer and the Photo-op in Maryland Politics

It has been said in politics “never let a tragedy go to waste.” For the most part, I believe that to be true. We see it every time there is a tragedy that captures mainstream attention. Whether it is a mass shooting, a natural disaster, or a great injustice handed down by the courts; elected representatives will be quick to post on social media their prayers (and often include their political position and thus push their agenda with the tragedy as the backdrop).

We have all seen the prayer vigils and public gatherings to offer prayer and support for various causes. Of course, the all-important photo-op is mandatory. If it is an issue that has divided the public, you can be assured our representatives will be vocal. Whether it is the issue of abortion and pro-life; the issue of homosexuality or transgender; or the issue of guns and our 2nd Amendment; you can bet your last dollar there will be posts, photo-ops, press releases, media attention and public gatherings to further a political agenda.

Not surprisingly, however, all of this hype and showmanship is void when it comes to other important issues that impact the lives of people all across the spectrum. Issues such as the corruption and injustices dished out by Child Protective Services and Maryland’s state Anatomy Board cutting up bodies and selling off the parts without explicit permission, seem to go unnoticed by our elected representatives.

Where are the prayer posts? Where are the public gatherings? Where is the outcry and the pro-life agenda? What it comes down to is the valuation. An unborn child is more valuable than one who is being ripped away from his or her family. Don’t believe me? Take a few minutes and skim through your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Prayer and the photo-op are tools of the political trade. It is not such a pretty picture, but don’t blame me. I was not the artist.