Kasem Cares Visitation Bill; Or More Government Intrusion?

House Bill 1165, sponsored by Delegate Sid Saab (R, Dist. 33, Anne Arundel County), makes a guardian of a disabled person inform the person’s family if the person has been hospitalized for three or more days or has died. It also requires the guardian to notify family [...]

American Woman Abroad

I haven’t sat down to write anything substantial regarding the current political situation in my country because I felt like I had nothing new to add, nor something different that hasn’t been said. But I realized that I do have a perspective that I haven’t seen [...]

Natural Resources Staff Rescues “Jughead” the Deer

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is pleased to report that members of its Wildlife and Heritage Service successfully rescued a juvenile male deer Sunday night after it was trapped for more than a week with a plastic snack container over its head. The [...]

MCW and Ryback Comes to Southern Maryland for Winter Blast

Maryland Championship Wrestling comes to the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department in St. Mary’s County for Winter Blast, Saturday, March 11. Professional wrestler Ryback, familiar with World Wrestling Entertainment fans, will be the special guest and available during [...]

Board of Education Honors State Athletic Champions

At the January 26, 2017 meeting, the Calvert County Public Schools Board of Education honored the athletes who won state championships during the fall season. Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, “A quality education includes extra-curricular activities, and many of [...]
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