From the Commish…

Keeping the citizens informed. A weekly column from Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt.

Roads, Are You Satisfied?

There is a story once about a popular local government who made one error. That government failed to clear the roads during a snowstorm. Many elected officials there were quickly defeated. In the end, providing proper service to the citizens is paramount. Speaking of roads; [...]

Thank You Volunteers

It’s the season for the annual Volunteer Fire, Rescue and EMS Awards Banquets. Calvert County Commissioners are invited to attend these over many Saturday evenings and are provided an opportunity to express our appreciation. Usually, the expression is a few words from [...]

Disagreements Are Healthy

The Federal Government is a system of systems in an environment of debate and compromise. Many misuse the term Federal Government when they actually mean the National Government. The Federal Government consists of National, State, and Local Governments. Each performs a [...]

Basic Money Facts for Calvert County

Too often, one’s eyes can glaze over when talking budgets, dollars, revenue and expenses, projections, etc.  This article avoids using figures to make a point. Instead, it provides some basic information. Is it possible to have too much income? No. Can we all use a pay [...]

Quick Take?

Calvert County Board of County Commissioners requested “Quick Take” Authority from the state legislature to correct safety issues on Calvert County roads. Many County roads began as paths or trails that were eventually surfaced. Some remain only tar and chip rather than [...]

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

  In 2011, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) tasked the county staff to perform a comprehensive review of the sign ordinance. Staff created a community interest group, held several public meetings gathering input and concerns; and produced a draft ordinance. For [...]

From the Commish…Starting Anew

Elections are over, the newly elected sworn in, first comes orientations before the business of the people can begin. Your Calvert County Board of County Commissioners has two new members; one with more county government experience and the other who will catch up following [...]